Tire’d Watch Company and Land Rovers UK Announce Partnership

Tire’d Watch Company and Land Rovers UK Announce Partnership


Two brands, both rugged and both refined, Tire’d Watch Company and Land Rovers UK have announced their partnership. This is the first time the two brands have collaborated to share a vision that embraces extreme activities yet maintains luxury of the highest quality.

This partnership appeals to both Land Rovers UK and Tire’d’s key strengths and builds on the shared foundations of functionality, design and durability. The core identity of each brand centers on resurrection as watches and vehicles alike are brought back to life and redefined as landmark icons. Both brands emphasize the importance of substance and to successfully create a product and vehicle that suits every lifestyle.

The element of recycling is strong and a core value for both companies. Here at Tire’d, we sought to recycle tires and transform this material into a stylish yet versatile watch strap. In contrast, LRUK salvage old Defenders once thought to be lost or forgotten and restore these vehicles to their former glory, yet come prepared for our current climate, extreme, unforgiving and unpredictable.

Tire’d Watch Company founder and CEO, Ed Cole has been an avid fan of Defenders for decades and has always been on the look out for one himself. After searching tirelessly on the Internet for his dream Defender, he found Land Rovers UK and made contact. When speaking with Andy Hayes, Managing Director of LRUK, Ed recognized the passion he had for Defenders, as it mirrored his own philosophy he had for his watches. As Ed explains, “it was a relationship which began on the phone and Andy had every answer”. Ed reiterates that the staff at LRUK helped him feel comfortable and exerted no pressure on his decision.

I like immediate gratification. Awaiting my company’s watch prototypes and building this Defender are the only two times I have waited for something.

– Ed Cole, Founder and CEO of Tire’d Watch Company

Tire’d highlights the importance of embracing the green aspect, complementing this with Swiss movement and a strong titanium time piece that is both stunning and everlasting without compromising on style or comfort. Tire’d have introduced a product that is effortlessly created and of the highest standard. With 21st century innovation and an appeal to the modern man with an active lifestyle, the Tire’d watch seeks to satisfy the flexible adaptation of adventure and luxury. At Land Rovers UK, this perspective is also adopted where vehicles are created to suit any lifestyle, all terrain and every need.

As this newly formed partnership between Tire’d and LRUK has been brought to life; Ed Cole’s custom Defender is too. His 110 Defender is currently being transformed at LRUK and scheduled to arrive in the USA Early June. Like Tire’d Watch Company on Facebook to follow Ed’s 110 Defender build at LRUK.

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For further information please contact:

Land Rovers UK
Siobhain Tinney
PR and Communications Manager
Phone: +44 (0) 1373 812011
Email: siobhain.tinney@landroversuk.co.uk

Tire’d Watch Company
Shauna Little
Global Marketing Manager
Email: info@tiredwatchcompany.com