Three Reasons to Turn Your Watch Crown 180 Degrees

Many people are turning to designs that move the crown 180 degrees from the traditional 3 o' clock position. Here are three reasons why watch connoisseurs are embracing 9 and 10 o' clock crowns.


Locating the crown at 9 or 10 o' clock eliminates 'wrist bite'. 

Most of us wear our watches on our left wrists. It's a question of dominance. With our watch on our left wrist, the right, dominant hand is freed up to complete the more challenging tasks. The crown is typically located at the 3 o' clock position for easy access and manipulation by the right hand. But this creates a conflict of metal and flesh, particularly if the watch is substantial in weight and style.

Athletes and outdoorsmen alike often complain of wrist bite when they wear their watches to swim, dive, or mountain bike. Their feedback has created a 'movement' of watches that live up to high performance and quality standards.  


Any active man or woman knows the annoyance that comes from the crown getting snagged on zippers and protective clothing. A crown at 9 or 10 o' clock protects both the movement from the clothing and the clothing from the movement. 

Placing the crown on the opposite side of the case also protects the movement from whatever environment it is subjected to. 


If you're a leftie, you're in luck. While the benefits described above only apply to right-handers, if you are left-handed, a watch with a 9 or 10 o' clock crown will give you a traditional, classic look.