Customer Reviews

We take customer service personally at Tire'd Watch Company. We take the time to respond to every message and email we receive.

To our customers who have contacted us directly to tell us how they feel about or to ask a question about the timepiece they have purchased, thank you. We appreciate your feedback. 

Here are a few of our favorites. 

"I am just loving your company. My husband liked a watch from your website. I was instantly given 10% off, the shipping confirmation was so incredibly fast, and this welcome letter is so personable. Just loving this company and looking forward to shopping with you again!" -- Sue H. 

"...I received my XTS Chronograph. I immediately put it on my wrist. Probably the most comfortable watch I [have] ever put on my wrist. Love the position of the buttons. It's going to take some getting used to because I keep thinking I put it on backwards." -- Nick R. 

"Awesome watch. I love it." -- Andrew S. 

"Finally a watch for the active person." -- Bob L. 

"Wonderful watch. My husband loves it." -- Sophia D.